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Cameron Dunlap Would you believe me if I told you that the only way to be successful in this crazy sellers market we’re in is to suspend disbelief? Cam Dunlap here with some unique and maybe even anxiety-producing thoughts for you today. But it’s super important. We live in interesting times, somewhat troubling in fact, but I’m confident we’ll get through them. I’m continually amazed to see how much money people are spending right now to improve upon their hard assets or to acquire hard assets…certainly, real estate is among them. If you just look at the price of well, anything, it’s up. A non-real estate example is I just sold a boat I had. I had it cleaned up, detailed, and then listed it online. I expected to be shocked by the response to my advertising and, well, I certainly was. I had people fighting over it, bidding it up and it sold in a matter of a couple hours.

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